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‘Karen Evans has provided a truly impacting coaching service for me. My biggest weakness has been in having many ideas but lacking focus. Karen has helped me to identify my goals, prioritise them and action them. This has enabled me to meet targets and see goals realised which may otherwise have been over-looked.’ Frances

‘I found Karen great to work with. I found Karen had a friendly and supportive style while ensuring that I stayed action focussed. Karen always structured the conversations so that I would get a clear view of big picture long term inspiration while also helping me distil out the best next stepping stones to take on the journey. I felt genuinely empowered to take responsibility for my progress.’ Richard

‘I really enjoyed working with Karen. She is extremely professional, very calm and organised. I immediately felt at ease with her and know that I admitted things to her that I have probably never shared with anyone else. By thoughtful questioning, she helped me to learn more about myself and to sort out priorities so I can feel a greater sense of achievement at the end of each day, particularly helpful at this strange time when we are in lockdown.’ Helen

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